Tools that makes my life as a Digital Nomad easier

Tools that makes my life as a Digital Nomad easier

The right tools save you time and money, therefor I mad a list of some of my most favorite tools I’m using, most of them daily. These are Tools for Android, because at the moment I use an Samsung phone. Most of them are also available on iOS. This will be a living list, so, if I find some new and useful tools, I will add these to the list.


An Open Source Podcast manager for Android witch provides me all the basic features I need to enjoy my Podcast every time I’m on the go. (Get it on Google Play)


My Cloud drive I use for Backups and data exchange, just handy and nothing else to say (Get it on Google Play)


I use It to share my travel experience and my daily life as a Digital Nomad. (Get it on Google Play)


My favorite note taking app. (Get it on Google Play)


I have Pocket installed on all my devices to save interesting websites and articles to read it later and also really like the feature that you can read offline. (Get it on Google Play)


My Password manager, in the basic version, without syncing is free, if you like to sync over all your devices you have to get a subscription. (Get it on Google Play)


I use Stack as a communication tool to interact with my team (Get it on Google Play)